With over twenty years of professional experience, and a life’s long commitment and dedication, Máre has prevailed to become a local hero of artistic entrepreneurism. Based in Paphos Cyprus she has commissioned works to patrons around the world as well as an in-demand local market. Each glass design is original and unique, hand-painted with care and passion.

Glass engraving

Using only Professional tools and materials, essential in achieving her high standard, Máre’s engraving technique and production methods always ensure grade A results and satisfaction.

Engraving is available for almost any glass object from drinking  glasses to toiletry, wine and liquor bottles to plaques, windows, tables or any personal items made of glass.

Liquid Glass Art

A refreshing contemporary technique incorparating the use of liquid glass. Along with engraving/painting a stunning and vibrant texture is created, with endless possibilities for customization.

Glass Painting

Glass painting is a popular request as designs are colourful and have a depth of perspective and realism. The methods used by Máre require a level of patience and precision only years of experience can achieve.

All glasses are oven fire set to seal the paint for a washable, durable and safe creation. Hand washing in lukewarm water is recommended for  longer lasting durability.

Designs for many moods and occasions are available for personalization or submit a request/example to receive a work of art and that will inspire you for years to come.

Pop-up shop

Engraving is also available on the spot at Máre’s pop-up shop, visiting in person will allow you to contribute real time inspiration to your item. Watch Máre work and be enchanted by her graceful and loving, creative attitude and style.

In collaboration with the gift finder shop, the recent pop-up shop at Christmas 2020 was a wonderful initiative, setting the ground for future collaboration and opportunity for returning customers in this new year.

Professional brushes and non-toxic paints are hand selected for quality and consistency, resulting in a gift or item of nostalgia that will be a joy to own. Pre-made ready items and designs for many occasions are available for personalization or, submit a request/example to receive a work of art and that will inspire you for years to come.

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