Orange Events

About Us

Dear fellow citizens,

We invite you to join a unique club!

Please read below our mission and terms of membership.

Should you wish to join this fresh and exciting community please sign up through the subscribe button available on every page..

We will send a request for basic details and information on how you can contribute to future events, actions and initiatives.


Create events and actions within a framework of the Ubuntu ideology

Achieve a humanitarian community based on resource sharing

Attain a prosperous and robust community built on common initiatives

Support and aid members through our network and mentorship

Provide and support exchange of resources through a barter Forum

The Club

Orange Events, is a private club that aims to create events in many locations, with different themes adaptive to the member’s visions.

We are inviting all kinds of artists, performers, craft creators, chefs, talkers, Venues, and hosts to join us. Within a framework of teamwork spirit, we will together plan and organize multicultural and multi- functional events.

In this present time, artists struggle to find a place where they can exhibit or perform as they’re dependent on hotels, bars, galleries, taverns and it is only getting harder this year under the new regulations. We are aiming to create a new field for action free from painful commitments and deals, thus facilitating individuals to offer their strengths and inspirations without hindrance.

This club is not just open for artists and professionals, you are encouraged to join and bring with you any virtues or resources that can contribute to help organize events and benefit from the success of it. All are heartily welcome!

The club is a “movement” founded by Kyp Paraskeva and Socrates Efstathiou. The fundamental core being a new practical way of working together and a new way of social life.

The founder’s aim is to create a platform of members with creative minds or abilities that feel there is a need for a change in the field of thinking and action within the current economic system . Membership costs nothing but good intentions and common respect. Working together with a common goal we will be able to secure sponsorship and contributions, conceive and materialize events to our mutual benefit.

How it works

Members of the club will promote our events and we promote the members.

Members should place a banner with their logo on our website which will be linked to their sites if they have one, or to a full web page on our website with detailed information about their projects with photos, prices, map, contact and more, for FREE. (we recommend both)

Members in the near future will be provided with a login access for relevant pages, allowing updating amendments at their own pace.

Members will be asked to place the Orange Events sign at their physical place of work and on their websites, feeling proud to be part of this lovely concept. Additional, they will be asked to use their social media pages to promote our events when convenient.

Members proposals will be discussed with the founders and the central committee in order to decide how many and what kind participants-members are suitable to take part in the event. For example, we may need transportation, a spiritual talker, a kiosk with cosmetics, craft, etc. these would be depended on the venue and on the atmospheric preferences of the people behind the main theme.

Then, there will be an announcement of the proposal on our Facebook group page (only for members) or/and it will be send via email to the members with the project`s planned details of how many and what kind of resources we might need for the event. For example, filming, sound tech, and others.

Finally, we will create a Facebook event and website post which will be shared by the members.

Members will cover all personal expenses (food & drinks, setting up their kiosk, transportation etc.)

Members contributing only time and goodwill in support of an event will be enumerated.

This is a bright new, evolving way of working in Cyprus that can’t be formatted without you and your ideas. We are now in a magic moment where we can all share ideas and contribute to this concept let’s support each other!

We are looking forward to sharing with you

Sponsors & Supporters