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Kalitera Therapies and Kalitera Incense 

‘Kalitera Incense’

100% pure Tibetan incense, handmade in Nepal according to ancient traditions with Himalayan herbs. 

The name “kalitera” is “better” in Greek, because when you light this incense it will help you, the people around you and the place you are in be “kalitera“. 

2 slightly different scents: 
Kalitera original: one of the first incenses ever produced, said to have been offered to Buddha himself.
Kalitera meditation: ideal for meditation, Yoga…
9 Euro for 25 sticks.
One stick burns 1,5-2h

Kalitera Therapies

Oriental natural therapies for well-being, mixing various therapies to make you feel “kalitera” if you have muscle pain, headaches, stress, insomnia or depression.
For the moment, home visits in Paphos and surroundings, only for women and elderly people. 

One session: 50 Euro
Tel. 97741508