Roots & Culture

The DubwiZe band was founded by Kyp Paraskeva, a world ethno musician playing a wide range of multi-cultural instruments & styles, a singer, composer and professional musician for over 40 years.

Born and raised on the London music scene in the 60’s, Kyp soaked up the multi-cultural scene learning many languages on the way and is now currently involved with many diverse musical projects. Kyp spent a large part of his youth in Reggae shabins and following sound systems like Shaka, Coxsone, Apple, Mafia and many more as in the 70’s London was pumping with the Reggae bass.

DubwiZe  reflects the freedom of the dub movement and spiritual essence of Rastafari with love & oneness. 
Kyp has brought his understanding and experience of people together in an expression of modern consciousness under the banner of DubwiZe

Kyp visited Jamaica for Bob Marley’s funeral as a pilgrim and later spent many years in Rastafarian Nyabinghi drum circles.