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Welcome to Anfisa

My name is Anfisa Shimkevich. I offer: 

✨Handpan music sets, sound journeys to go with Meditation, Yoga class of on its own.
✨Cacao Ceremonies: conscious circle gathering were ceremonial cacao is shared, learned about and drank. Followed by inner-self Journey with meditation, handpan music and hands-on healing 
✨Sale and distribution of Ceremonial Cacao 
✨Vegan Wonder Fruit Bowls (Check out: @anfisbowlcreations on Instagram) and Vegan Desserts 🧁 
✨One-on-one Holistic Healing Sessions (including: cup of ceremonial cacao, self reflection discussion, followed by massage (deep tisssue), reflexology and acupressure, sound healing, energy healing and meditation)

About Ceremonial Cacao 🍫☕️:

 This is chocolate in its purest form, with nothing taken away from it or added to it, produced to preserve its high nutritional and energetic qualities. The one i work with is Keiths Cacao from from Pacific Guatemala. (
The beans from the Cacao Tree, native to South and Central America, are consciously gathered, fermented, lightly roasted and hand peeled by the women of San Marcos Guatemala, double checked for quality and grinded into the paste to form a block of 100% Pure Cacao which is then sent with the loving intention of Keith the Cacao Shaman and Barbara, his partner. 

 Cacao has been drank and used by the ancient civilizations such as the Olmec, Maya, Aztec etc. dating back in history to 5000 years, in rituals, as rights of passage through marriage, birth, death and the beans even as currency! Each culture celebrating and using cacao in their own way.

She is a beautiful helper to reconnect to the Heart center, promote good health with the high nutritional properties, boost mood and creativity, increase focus and reconnect mind, body and spirit. Cacao is liquid JOY and LOVE in a cup ☕

About Anfisa:

Graduate of International Quantum University in Integral Medicine of Hawaii in Natural Health Sciences.
Certified Keiths Cacao Practitioner,
Life Coach, equestrian, Handpan musician;

I am a joyful soul, intuitive, adventurer and explorer of the 🌎 with my handpan & cacao, offering cacao ceremonies, handpan music journeys & holistic healing sessions to empower people &guide them back to themselves.

“You are the one you have been looking for all along”

It is my joy to share with you the tools, techniques and methods that have changed my life.

Recently back from Bali after learning and practicing traditional Balinese Healing techniques with Ketut Jaya, Balinese healer 🌞

I am open for collaborations with other people integration handpan music or ceremonial cacao or Hands-on healing Sessions 🙏