Orange Events

About Us

Dear fellow citizens,

Should you wish to join this fresh and exciting community please sign up through the register button available on the header of every page.

We will send a request for basic details and information on how you can contribute to future events, actions and initiatives.

Please download our membership guide below.

Membership Guide.pdf       Membership Guide Greek.pdf


Create events and actions within a framework of the Ubuntu ideology

Achieve a humanitarian community based on resource sharing

Attain a prosperous and robust community built on common initiatives

Support and aid members through our network and mentorship

Provide and support exchange of resources through a barter Forum

Our support as Orange Events extends to all members and events.

Music and sound reinforcement plays a big role in most of our events which we contribute in the form of a large extendable P.A system with sound engineers. A full professional set up can be provided as well as Orange Events own Djays and musicians.

From large concerts with high profile world artists, to showcase performances by members, amateurs and crew. Orange Events collaborates with other foundations and official bodies, to produce world class events as well as local grass roots gatherings. 

Mahesh Kale Paphos 2019

We encourage not only musicians to take the stage but speakers and coaches, dancers and poets, and various other art forms. Events are open to presenting any relevant material apt to the event style.

An important part of our festivals are the stalls.
Members are free to install their stalls in accordance with the theme of the event and promote them in accordance. There are a variety of sellers; food, crafts, art, crystals, face painting and so many more! All members have the opportunity to display their works and services and be a part of a team. We promote members to initiate events and discuss them with us. Also within the forum to suggest initiatives with the aim to create together themes that can include pertinent stalls.

Environmental Initiatives are also a part of our movement.
The environment is very dear to us, just as important to our philosophy as our members. It always play a part in all our works and events.

Various actions are planned and expedited with regards to nature and our social environment. they take many forms including tree planting, support for individuals, animal welfare and more. These initiatives are open to suggestion by members and we endeavour to rally to their intentions and ideas. I am because we are includes the planet Earth!

Mind & Body is a growing part of the new age.
Many members provide therapeutic sessions and group events including; yoga, drum circles, counselling and training, card reading and crystals, too many to include here please feel free to browse our members page for more info. 

Orange Events endeavours to include and create events that will include these fields. With the sponsorship of the ICMACY Foundation (Indian Classical Music & Arts Cyprus Foundation) authentic Indian performances of music and dance have and will be organised together with specific members for truly enlightening and ambient events.

Members and events graphic and media design.
Members may have the necessity to create promotional literature or media for either their stalls or performances. We as Orange Events can provide quality graphic design and website construction with advice and mentorship from experienced members and admin. Music composition and recording facilities are also available for budding musicians and professionals alike.

Sponsors & Supporters