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We are inviting all kinds of artists, performers, craft creators, chefs, talkers, Venues, and hosts to join us. Within a framework of teamwork spirit, we will together plan and organize multicultural and multi- functional events. This club is not just open for artists and professionals, you are encouraged to join and bring with you any virtues or resources that can contribute to help organize events and benefit from the success of it. 

There is an active forum for members to barter and share goods or resources, all are heartily welcome!

From large concerts with high profile world artists, to showcase performances by members, amateurs and crew. Orange Events collaborates with other foundations and official bodies, to produce world class events as well as local grass roots gatherings. 

Mahesh Kale Paphos 2019

An important part of our events are the stalls, members are free to install their stalls in accordance with the theme of the event and promote them in accordance. There are a variety of sellers; food, crafts, art, crystals, face painting and so many more! All members have the opportunity to display their works and services and be a part of a team. We promote members to initiate events and discuss them with us.

A share forum is maintained and encouraged for all our members. The aim being to share resources, ideas and goods within a good and fair communal spirit.

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Welcome to Anfisa My name is Anfisa Shimkevich. I offer:  Handpan music sets, sound journeys to go with Meditation, Yoga class of on its own. Cacao Ceremonies: conscious circle gathering were ceremonial cacao is shared,

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Natural Healing & Health

Helena Georgiou is an experienced Herbalist, Masseurist and Energy Healer. Driven by kindness, compassion and authenticity, she takes pride in providing the best services possible. As a Holistic Practitioner, her passions include natural health,

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The environment is very dear to us, just as important to our philosophy as our members and always play a part in all our works and events.

I am because we are also includes the planet Earth!

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